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Stuck in the Past?

By Heshy Friedman

Ever get ghosted by a prospect after a great pitch? Ever wonder why? You know your product or service is competitive, value priced, and meets the client’s needs.

So, what happened?

OK, maybe it was something unrelated. Maybe it was your outfit, or your breath, or your manners. Maybe you were too confident—or not confident enough.

Nope, you’re sure you had made a good impression, and the client seemed very interested. Then… crickets. A solid sale seemed imminent, then the prospect unexpectedly tells you that they need to “do some more looking,” and boom! Gone.

What could have happened?

Okay, what other contact did you have with the client?

  • Your receptionist is polite and competent.
  • Your sales team is experienced and well-coached.
  • Your email and document templates are professional and well-designed, if a little old, but surely that shouldn’t matter.

But that makes you think…

What… about… your… website?

When did you last update it? 2016? 2011? 2008??
You don’t recall. Uh-oh, better have a look…

There it is, in all its outdated glory.

A slow-loading, busy, multi-column format. Broken links. Old stock photos. Dated fonts. Unfinished, because you used a site builder and couldn’t devote the time. Worst of all: a “site not secure” warning!


What about a Google search? Hmmm. A low ranking in the results. A search result with a text snippet that doesn’t make sense.

And in the Google business listing, no business details. A bad review from five years ago.

Well, now you know!

Seems the client researched you after your meeting, pulled up your website or simply searched you on Google, and got a whole bunch of red flags.

Maybe that’s why you’ve seen fewer and fewer filled-out contact forms and web-generated leads.

EVERYONE checks the web first, before making a commitment. Are you ready to meet your clients where they meet you?

Tired of looking tired?

Fashions move fast in “internet time.” Your older site can quickly become a liability. After all, if you’re standing still when everyone else is moving forward, then you’re going backwards.

42% of visitors will leave a website that has missing or outdated contact information.

And 60% of consumers will turn their backs on business websites that aren’t fresh and up-to-date.

The average time between site refresh for most websites is three to five years. How old is your site?

Here are the top ten signs your site is due for an overhaul:

  1. Not mobile-friendly.
  2. Missing a secure SSL certificate.
  3. It’s a stack of boxes.
  4. It’s a color explosion!
  5. of irrelevant stock photos.
  6. Sidebars full of buttons.
  7. RSS logo, or a QR code.
  8. Outdated blog posts.
  9. Copyright year from a different decade.
  10. A magnifying glass is required to read the text.
  11. It’s got every social media icon including Google+
  12. Poor grammar or typos.
  13. Uses drop shadows.


Don’t delay, refresh today!

It’s not just a slogan. Why let your outdated internet presence hold you back any longer? Remember these key reasons to act now:

  • Your saved sales will pay for the project—and then keep paying you.
  • Companies that had their online store already to go when the pandemic hit did much better than those who thought they “didn’t need one.”
  • Leveraging your website, social media, and rank on Google makes a powerful combined tool for sales, customer outreach, and competitive advantage.

Still not convinced? Call us. We’re happy to talk about internet and search with anyone, all day long.

Bottom line:
Contact us to learn more.

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