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Malicious Emails

The Internet is a very dangerous place. It is a world where predators, hackers, spammers, virus-spreaders, and trolls lie in wait for an unsuspecting victim. Even emails can be a danger if you aren’t aware of the hazards that exist … Read More

Refreshing Your Web Page

Whenever I make a change to a website, and then email back my client that the change is done, I always tell them to refresh the page. I am often asked why. The answer is that while CASH is a … Read More

Productivity Tools

There are many great tools and applications out there. I decided to share some of the ones I use for my company, and give a little write-up on them. Every individual has his personal preferences, and there is often more … Read More

Programs for Web Design & Development

There are many important programs that are used when designing, developing, and maintaining websites. I would like to discuss the different tools that I use and recommend.  I hope that this will be helpful for all those learning web design … Read More

Comprehensive Web Glossary

I was planning for my next blog entry to describe the different software that I use in designing and developing  websites. Upon starting the article, I realized that I would be using a lot of terms and acronyms that many … Read More

Why I don’t have an iPhone (or iPad)

People are surprised when they see I don’t have an iPhone. Or an iPad. How can a web developer bent on the latest technology and gadgets not have a brand new iPhone 5 or iPad Mini? Don’t get me wrong: … Read More

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Being in the New York City Metro area, our business was affected by Hurricane Sandy. While not receiving the devastation and flooding like the coastal regions, our area was plagued by a staggering amount of fallen trees and downed power … Read More

Social Media for Business Presentation (Video)

If you did not have a chance to participate in our Social Media for Business Presentation back in March 2012, you can now watch the complete video online. My friend and business partner Mordy Gilden of Rombus Digital has compiled … Read More

WordPress Use Or Abuse?

WordPress is a great tool. It is a powerful, open-source engine for posting blog entries and news articles. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, and is very flexible and easy to work with. WordPress also has a strong community behind … Read More

Mobile Landing Page Vs. Multi-Page Site

More and more people are browsing online with their smartphones, and the trend only continues to rise. Mobile users are often looking for basic information, so it’s important to keep a site design in mind for this. Mobile websites are … Read More

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