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What is an Infographic?

Chances are unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of infographics, though you might not be sure just what they are. You see them in articles and shared on social media sites, but what are they … Read More

SSL Certificates Expiring

SSL certificates provide encryption to website pages when sensitive data is involved. Any sensitive data such as credit cards, social security numbers, classified information, or important passwords needs to be encrypted when processed in a form, or when it is … Read More

Think Twice Before Ignoring That Pesky ICANN Email!

All domain holders get those pesky email reminders from their domain registrar, be it Godaddy, Register.com, Web.com, or 1and1, reminding them to update and review their domain name contact info. In the past, almost everyone would delete these emails. But … Read More

Your Business’ “My Business”

First Impressions Are Important The very first thing seen when a company name is entered into a Google search is a company preview window. This is a small snapshot on the right side of the browser screen that provides a … Read More

Is Your Website Invisible?

We were recently approached by a company that was in the process of creating a new website from a template. They hired us to take over the project, and handle the art and aesthetics for the site because they were … Read More

“See Inside” Online Virtual Tour

What is an Online Virtual Tour?

An online virtual tour is a three dimensional rendering of an environment that can be viewed in a web browser. Web visitors can view your space by virtually moving through a location, while panning … Read More

Email Form Woes

Today it is standard practice for websites to contain an email form on their contact pages. The forms contain basic information fields, and allow website owners not to have to post their emails publicly on their website. Contact forms are … Read More

Google Search Results Ad Format Change

Google recently released a set of changes to their search engine result page (also known by its acronym “SERP.”) They removed the sidebar text ad listings, and increased the number of top text ads above the organic listings to a … Read More

Why Businesses Should Blog

Blogs have become standard equipment on many corporate websites, and they can be extremely useful for businesses and organizations. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to write professional and interesting content, but it does pay off and … Read More

SEO Tips to Boost Traffic

Are Your SEO Efforts Paying Off?

Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts can make a significant impact on your bottom line—or be a waste of time and money. It all depends on whether they are focused on areas where they will … Read More

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