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You Can Learn a Lot from a ‘Bot

First of all, I owe a deep debt of gratitude to my friend Steve Shuster for arranging the tour. I wanted to see this facility in action, and I figured I might take away some knowledge. It turned out to be a day of surprises for me. Read More

Personalization is the Key

Wix, Squarespace, and other site builder applications all make the same promise: Anyone can build a website. They’re not wrong. Just sign up, look through their templates, pick one in your business category, fill it with your own copy, and there you are—you have a website. Read More

2020 Website Design Trends

Remember the websites of the late ‘90s? They were an embarrassment, weren’t they? Full of blinking, flashing GIFs, colored boxes, animated headlines over lengthy blocks of text—anything to grab and hold your attention, to make them stand out from the crowd  so that you would read their content. Read More

How to unlock 80% more of LinkedIn’s Potential

All of our activity—profile building, posting, following, browsing, and commenting—are ways to accomplish those goals. So most people work hard on those tasks, build and expand their network of followers, spend time “engaging” with their connections, doing everything they think they need to do. Read More

Fake Likes are a Real Problem for Business

Many social media management and marketing companies will promise hundreds or thousands of followers and lots of Facebook views, clicks and likes. Sure, they may deliver eyeballs. But it’s like cotton candy: no real substance, just a lot of fluff. Read More

Let’s Get Analytical!

There’s a common denominator to all of these: You need to find out what your audience is actually doing right now. Can trust your instincts? Or would you rather collect data and tailor your website to actual customer behavior? Read More

LinkedIn for Non-Profits

If you are running a non-profit, you have a unique set of challenges. You are running an organization with all the complexity of a for-profit enterprise, and also dealing with the unique mindset of volunteer labor. Read More

Halfway Measures Won’t Get You Halfway

I’ve just finished a prospect call, and once again, I’ve won a bet I made with myself. You see, If the client says, “My online marketing isn’t working,” I run through a quick 8-point checklist with them. Read More

How to Win at SEO and Still Lose

Our Creative Director, David Kunkel, spent many years working for an international IT staffing and services provider. As a primary subcontractor to IBM, with a superior product, lean cost structure, a talented sales team and dedicated, motivated employees, it should have enjoyed decades of growth and a commensurate rise in stock price since its founding in the ‘60s. Read More

Email “Marketing?”

If your first impulse is to repeatedly blast generic sales messages to your entire list, stop for a minute. Treat it as simply advertising and your audience will quickly tune out. Bombard them with inbox filler, and they’ll unsubscribe. Worse yet, if they “block” your messages or “label as spam” too often, your entire domain may be blocked from major email carriers. Read More

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