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Create a Professional Support System

Some businessmen want to do it all themselves. They get caught up trying to be a jack of all trades and miss out on valuable opportunities. Building a coalition of professionals and surrounding yourself with that network is key to success and long-term growth. Read More

The Importance of Website Maintenance

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving issue. Leaving your information vulnerable--or that of your customers—could expose you to massive costs. Regular patching is far cheaper and easier than navigating the aftermath of a sophisticated hack. Read More

Update Your Online Presence for the New Normal

Before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, you could probably get away with a less-than-perfect online presence. If you operated primarily face-to-face with your customers, your website likely acted as a supplement to your storefront or office, mainly functioning to provide information about your services, hours, and a folksy “about us” section. Read More

Use Your Website to Attract More Customers

Sometimes customers come to me and say, “Build me a website—my competitors all have them, I guess I need one, too.” I ask, “What can you tell me about your specific business? Why is your product the best? What’s your value proposition?” Read More

The Making of a Professional Website

There is much thought that goes into the making a professional website. Many websites today are just slapped together from a template, without understanding the goals and needs of the business to accomplish with their website. Read More

As We Reopen (Safely!) It’s Time to Rethink and Re-strategize

The message couldn’t be more blunt—we’re not as “in charge” as we think we are. If you asked anyone last year what they thought they’d be doing today, NO ONE would have guessed, “fighting off a global pandemic.” Read More

Are you Taking Advantage of the Shutdown?

One of the standing rules of marketing is: if you double down on marketing when everyone else is cutting back, you’ll double your advantage when the market returns to full strength. True, we don’t know when—or if— “normal” will return. Read More

Keeping your LinkedIn Live Videos Alive

LinkedIn videos are a new and extremely valuable way to get your message out to your audience. Short, interesting and relevant video content can capture the audience’s attention like no other medium can, and are likely to be shared and popularized by your contacts when they see them in your feed. Read More

11 SEO Tips for Website Optimization

Many people think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an esoteric dark art, and only understood by shady "web guru" types. The reality is much more practical and down to earth. SEO is really about providing consistent quality content with the right keywords, and making sure the pages are properly indexed, tagged, linkable, and ready to be shared. Read More

Remote Control

Suddenly, teamwork in close proximity and enjoying the energy of face-to-face interaction has become a health hazard, and like so many of you, we had to vacate the office and restructure our working life for remote operations. Read More

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