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Do it Right—or Do it Twice

I recently hosted a in-depth discussion with business colleague and web expert Charna Ambers of CB Design NY. The subject: What happens when a business tries to pinch pennies when going online with their website? Read More

Want to Harvest Page Views?

"Want to Harvest Page Views? Don’t “Fall” into these Traps" As the days grow shorter, people often think about their website’s performance (or lack thereof!) and think about improvements for the next growth season. Read More

“Didn’t You Get My Email?”

"Why you’re suddenly invisible" Last month we discussed your website and how critical it is for incoming viewers to see you in your best light. Now, what about your outgoing messaging? Read More

Stuck in the Past?

Ever get ghosted by a prospect after a great pitch? Ever wonder why? You know your product or service is competitive, value priced, and meets the client’s needs. So, what happened? Read More

Be Authentic, Be You

Earlier this year, Heshy Friedman sat down with Moshe Amsel, host of the Profit with Law podcast series. Profit with Law is a platform specifically focused offering coaching and business development advice to law firms seeking to improve their bottom line. Read More

Top Five Tips to More Effective Email

Gmail is free and easy to use. Hotmail and AOL have been around since the dawn of the Internet. But that service provider name on the end of your email address shouts that this is a personal account. Read More

Top Dos and Don’ts for Email Signatures

As we’ve said in earlier posts, in the digital business environment, your website is your virtual storefront. Now it’s time to talk about your virtual business card—your email (or digital) signature. Read More

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple…

Does your company follow the K.I.S.S. principle? It stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Attributed to Kelly Johnson, lead engineer at the famous Lockheed Skunk Works aviation research and design facility, this maxim has been around since at least 1960. Read More

I’m Writing About Writing Right, Right?

Those of you who follow me on LinkedIn may have seen this post which outlines vital tips for writers—both beginners and experienced pros—on how to write effective web content, from the web developer’s perspective. Read More

The Tracking Trade-Off

If you’ve been using social media for a while, you’ve probably forgotten about most of what you’ve posted online. Facebook has been operating since 2004, Twitter since 2006, and Instagram since 2010. In that time social media sites have accumulated a staggering number of posts, comments, and photos. Read More

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