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Conversation with Michael Pariser on Web Strategy

Michael Pariser joins Radial Creations as their new client experience director, and Heshy Friedman and Michael have a conversation about techniques and strategies for website production.

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North Jersey BBN with Mendy Wolf and Zev Freundlich

This video is a full program of the 2nd North Jersey Business Breakfast Network event, which was live streamed on LinkedIn by Heshy Friedman on February 25, 2020. The event was hosted by Mendy Wolf at Smith & Associates, and sponsored by Shmuel Shayowitz of Approved Funding, with Zev Freundlich as presenter.

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Dealing with Competitors

Ever wonder why a McDonalds, a Burger King and a KFC can all have stores at the same location and all make money? This LinkedIn Live event features a candid discussion with “Facebook Ads nerd” Pinney Friedman and Heshy Friedman (no relation) about how competitors can work together and benefit from strategic alliances.

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