Responsive Websites

Websites that Adapt to all Screen Sizes


Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a new approach to designing websites efficiently size and stretch themselves to the screen without intervention. With RWD, websites will load in an optimal state on desktop browsers, tablets, and mobile devices. RWD minimizes the need to enlarge or horizontally scroll by dynamically placing content in smartly sized components.

The Great Google Mobile Shake UpIn April 2015, Google shook up the ranking system for websites to require websites to be mobile-friendly to come up on phone searches.

They made this change because they want web users to have a better experience when browsing sites online. With the explosion mobile and tablet browsing, it’s more important than ever to focus on making content available and optimized to a wide variety of popular browsing platforms.


Why Responsive Design is Important

  • Users will stay on your site longer
  • Makes your website look professional
  • Easy to read and navigate
  • Faster page load
  • Rank Higher in Search Results


Is your website mobile friendly?

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