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The Metro Theme

One of the major overhauls of Windows 8 was an entirely redesigned theme called the “Metro” theme. The point of Microsoft introducing the Metro theme is to provide a more “hip” and trendy version of Windows and to give a … Read More

Why I Uninstalled Windows 8

I recently purchased several new computers for home and office use. Since October 2012, all new computers started shipping with Windows 8. I was perfectly content with Windows 7, but figured once I am upgrading computers, I should go with … Read More

Multiple Domains for a Single Website

When people form a new company, often they are not sure about the name they want to use for their website. Since domain names are inexpensive (at less than $15 per year for the typical .com), I usually suggest buying … Read More

Safely Checking Domain Names

When you start a new website, the first step is to buy a domain name. If you thought of a good name to use, it’s probably already taken. However, combinations of words or unique identifiers are often available, and it … Read More

Domain Name Expiration

It has been a while since making my last blog post. I am going to change the format of this blog to shorter, more informal posts, but will make them more frequently. The idea will be to document personal musings … Read More

Malicious Emails

The Internet is a very dangerous place. It is a world where predators, hackers, spammers, virus-spreaders, and trolls lie in wait for an unsuspecting victim. Even emails can be a danger if you aren’t aware of the hazards that exist … Read More

Refreshing Your Web Page

Whenever I make a change to a website, and then email back my client that the change is done, I always tell them to refresh the page. I am often asked why. The answer is that while CASH is a … Read More

Productivity Tools

There are many great tools and applications out there. I decided to share some of the ones I use for my company, and give a little write-up on them. Every individual has his personal preferences, and there is often more … Read More

Programs for Web Design & Development

There are many important programs that are used when designing, developing, and maintaining websites. I would like to discuss the different tools that I use and recommend.  I hope that this will be helpful for all those learning web design … Read More

Comprehensive Web Glossary

I was planning for my next blog entry to describe the different software that I use in designing and developing  websites. Upon starting the article, I realized that I would be using a lot of terms and acronyms that many … Read More