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Streaming Video on your Website

Streaming videos have become a standard on the web. It’s not just the broadband speeds that allow optimal video streaming, but also the explosion of video production and self-made videos with cell phones. There are several ways to embed videos … Read More

Facebook Open Graph Objects

Do you ever share a link on Facebook and are surprised at the picture selection or description of the page? While Facebook often tries to pick a top level picture on the page and find a description, it often does … Read More

What is a Captcha

A captcha is a random series of letters and/or numbers that a web form asks you to enter. Captchas were developed to ensure that human beings are the ones submitting the form rather than bots. Bots are configured by spammers … Read More

Analysis of Windows Remote Desktop

Since the downfall of LogMeIn, I have been using Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) to login remotely to my office computer. It’s already been several months now, and I have gotten very comfortable using RDP. Overall I am very happy with … Read More

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a new approach to designing websites that provides an efficient and automatic resizing of the website based on the user’s browser’s device and resolution. With RWD, websites will load in an optimal state on desktop … Read More

Website Hacks and Intrusions

There are an increasing number of websites being hacked, and this can cause websites to malfunction, be entirely disabled, or even worse, hijacked. There are several types of hacks with different ramifications and fixes. The most common type of hack … Read More

Website & Email Outages

No matter how good a web hosting company is, there will be times when their servers go down. This will cause your website hosted on the server to be unavailable, and perhaps your email as well. A server down can … Read More

Accepting Payments with PayPal

Accepting credit cards as payment will get you paid by customers fast and easy. To stay competitive in today’s aggressive business environment, healthy companies need to take credit cards for payment. However, the monthly statement charges and transaction processing charges … Read More

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the new standard of HTML, the language used to code and lay out web pages. HTML5 builds many new features into the native web coding and removes the need for additional browser plugins. It was designed to be … Read More

The Death of LogMeIn Free

I have been using LogMeIn to remotely log into my office computers for several years now. LogMeIn provided a free and easy way to connect without the hassle of changing any router ports or firewall setting, and it gave me … Read More