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Google Search Results Ad Format Change

Google recently released a set of changes to their search engine result page (also known by its acronym “SERP.”) They removed the sidebar text ad listings, and increased the number of top text ads above the organic listings to a … Read More

Why Businesses Should Blog

Blogs have become standard equipment on many corporate websites, and they can be extremely useful for businesses and organizations. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to write professional and interesting content, but it does pay off and … Read More

SEO Tips to Boost Traffic

Are Your SEO Efforts Paying Off?

Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts can make a significant impact on your bottom line—or be a waste of time and money. It all depends on whether they are focused on areas where they will … Read More

My Website is Down!

My Website is Down! I hear these words from time to time from a frantic customer. There are several reasons a website can go down:

Your domain name was not renewed Your hosting service is down Your website was hacked… Read More

The Great Google Mobile Shakeup

This past April, the search engine giant Google shook up the ranking system for websites. Dubbed “Mobilegeddon” by some due to the way it will impact the Internet, this new ranking system uses an algorithm that favors sites that are … Read More

Sending Large Email Attachments

Email attachments are perhaps the easiest way to share files. Files can be dragged and dropped into Outlook, sent, and then they are automatically downloaded by the receiver. This works great most of the time, but when the file sizes … Read More

Taking Over Existing Web Projects

I am often asked to take over an existing website project, and in most cases I will turn down the offer. I have learned from experience the troubles that often come about from accepting such projects. Almost all of the … Read More

Google Custom Search

I recently had a client who needed to have the PDF’s on his website searchable. I know that a Google Search produces results in PDF files on the web, so I figured Google Custom Search (GSC), which works in the … Read More

Streaming Video on your Website

Streaming videos have become a standard on the web. It’s not just the broadband speeds that allow optimal video streaming, but also the explosion of video production and self-made videos with cell phones. There are several ways to embed videos … Read More

Facebook Open Graph Objects

Do you ever share a link on Facebook and are surprised at the picture selection or description of the page? While Facebook often tries to pick a top level picture on the page and find a description, it often does … Read More