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Increased Visual Stimulation in Websites

Website standards are constantly evolving. Perhaps the most significant transformation in this field in the last several years has been the changeover to responsive design as a new standard. With the increase of resolution on the newest large monitors, and … Read More

Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics is a website analytics tool that gives detailed information about a website’s traffic. It was launched by Google in 2005, and is by far the most popular and important website tracking tool. The standard version, which suffices for … Read More

WIX Websites

Wix (officially known as Wix.com) is a website tool that uses drag and drop to setup and design websites. For the most part, it is an amateur tool allowing those with limited technical background to set up their own websites. … Read More

Business Grade Email Service

Virtually all website hosting companies provide email service as part of their hosting package. This enables website owners to configure multiple email addresses using their own domain name. It allows different people in an organization to have their own custom … Read More

How to Improve your Google Business Listing

Google “My Business” is a key tool for online visibility. I’ve discussed in a past blog post what Google My Business is, and why it’s important. When someone types your company name in Google, or looks for your services in … Read More

When Does your Site need an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates verify that website pages are secured with encryption when they process sensitive information. Whenever text or other information is sent through an online web form, it gets processed by the web page, and can be sent to a … Read More

Does your site have a backup?

Every person and organization needs to have a data backup plan to ensure their valuable information doesn’t get lost. Occurrences such as computer crashes, malware intrusions, theft, fires, and floods are all too common, and it’s important to be able … Read More

What is a CMS?

An often-used acronym in website development is “CMS.” This stands for “Content Management System.” In laymen’s terms, it describes a website where the site owner or users can control aspects of the content directly through the website. This is usually … Read More

Is your Website Ripe for a PPC Campaign?

Having a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign such as Google AdWords, or online advertising with venues like Facebook, is a great way to increase exposure to your website. These campaigns can definitely build website traffic, but is it the purpose … Read More

Don’t use Internet Explorer

I recently had a client complain that part of his site was not rendering properly. I tested it and retested it and had him clear cache, but it kept on working fine for me. It turns out he was using … Read More

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