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Welcome to the Radial Web June 2015 Newsletter!
The main purpose of this email is to tell our customers the importance of a mobile website. If you don't have one yet, now is the time to go for it.

Don't have a Mobile-Friendly Website?
Google will Penalize you.

That's right. Google will now penalize your website search rankings if your website lacks a mobile-friendly version. Effective this past April, Google introduced a new ranking system that favors websites that are mobile-friendly, and places non-friendly mobile sites further down the search list. The reason is simple: mobile and tablet browsing have become dominant, with over 50% of Google's searches now coming from smartphones!

Did I Already Miss the Boat?

If you didn't catch on before Google introduced this new algorithm on April 21, it's still not too late. While your ranking may be declining, once you recreate your website to mobile-friendly or make a special mobile version, it won't take long for Google to re-index the mobile pages and get you back up in rank.

How Hard is it to Convert to a Mobile Site?

In most cases, it's not that hard at all. If your website was designed in the past year or two, we can usually recreate the website in a Responsive Website Design (RWD). RWD is a format that adapts the content in a website to properly adjust itself based on the screen size, including small smartphone screens, midsize tablet screens, and full-sized computer screens. While it does involve a lot of work on the coding end, it's a straightforward process for the customer. It will also not alter the website appearance, and most of the time the website will have the same look and feel as it did before, except being browsed on smaller screens. If your site is already 3 years old or more, well, it's time for a redesign anyways. And your new design should definitely be responsive.

Design Trend for 2015

Responsive Web Design is definitely the trend for new websites in 2015. In fact, if you visit our web portfolio at www.ourwebportfolio.com, you'll notice that all the 2015 websites that we did this year are either responsive or have special mobile versions! Any site that doesn't have mobile provisions will quickly become outdated. It's more important than ever to focus on making content available and optimized to a wide variety of popular browsing platforms, so make sure you are up to date!

Want Additional Information?

Read more about this topic on our blog, where we also provide a link to check if your website is optimized for mobile:


Featured Website:

Farkas Flooring is a third generation family business that redefines the passion for hardwood floors. They source the finest woods in the world, guaranteeing quality and assurance of the best quality at the fairest price.

This website is a static informational website running HTML5/CSS3 with a fairly simple, clean, and aesthetic look and feel. Our client specifically requested a refreshing, uncluttered look with a wood-natured theme. The site is also responsive and smoothly resizes for all browsing experiences.

Visit the website at www.farkasflooring.com

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