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Welcome to the Radial Web January 2015 Newsletter! We haven't sent out one of these in a while, but are excited to get back on track with them. 2014 saw many innovations in the industry, with the most important trend being a continued increase in mobile and tablet website browsing. We look forward to keeping your website up to date in 2015!

Update your Website's Copyright Year

For the past several years, we have emailed our customers in January to make sure the copyright on their website is updated. We mentioned how bad it looks to have an outdated copyright year in the website footer. If your website has an old copyright date and was developed after 2011, let us know and we'll update the date for free. We'll also add a script that will automatically update your copyright year in future years!

(If your website was developed prior to 2011, then you need to update your website, not just the copyright year!)

Responsive Websites now Our Standard

2014 saw a drastic change on the web, with most new websites being designed with a RWD (Responsive Web Design) approach. RWD enables a website to be optimally sized for many different browser screens and platforms, including large screen computers, tablets, and smartphones. We now recommend RWD to all our new clients, unless they specifically request otherwise.

Despite the additional cost for RWD, it is a worthwhile investment and should be strongly considered when designing any new website. It is important to stay up to date in this fast-paced environment, and RWD is a trend that is here to stay for a while.

> Read more about RWD on the Radial Blog!

Radial Website Facelift

We are in the planning stage of launching a new Radial Website. We really like our current website, and are very happy with its look and feel. However, design standards have changed drastically since we launched it in 2009, and it has grown outdated. Stay tuned for our new website launch in the coming months!

New Billing Policy

In order to increase efficiency, we are going to be phasing out hourly work and focus instead on website maintenance.  Our new policy will require future websites to purchase a monthly maintenance plan should they require support from us. Many website engines such as WordPress and Magento require regular software updates to the core version and plugins to ensure vulnerabilities are blocked. With the pervasiveness of Trojans, malware, and hacks, a maintenance plan is especially important on all websites. Maintenance also allows you get routine content updates done on a regular basis to ensure that your website content remains up to date. Existing customers who still desire to have projects billed hourly, as needed, will be billed in hourly increments with a minimum of one hour. We will also require all hourly customers to have any outstanding bills paid prior to initiating any new work.

Featured Website:

Yeshiva Darchei Noam is a private Jewish elementary and middle school for boys, located in Suffern, New York. Yeshiva Darchei Noam is renowned for its warmth, individualized attention, and outstanding Rebbeim and staff. In addition, there is a strong emphasis placed on learning skills and interpersonal development.

This website, run with the WordPress engine, allows the school staff the ability to edit and update all the content. This includes calendar changes, weekly newsletters, media articles, pictures galleries, and more.

Visit the website at www.darcheinoam.org

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