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2012 has been a great year. One of our hottest projects has been mobile sites. With the explosion of large-screen smartphones and tablets, mobile websites have become very popular. Users are increasingly trying to get basic information such as phone numbers from their mobile browsers, and they want these pages to load quickly with simple and straightforward information. With the current rate of growth, mobile websites are becoming a standard for businesses, achieving almost the same relevance as full-screen websites.

Don't Forgot to Update your Copyright to 2013!

Don't allow your site look out of date! It's now 2013, so make sure to contact us about updating your copyright date. One thing you don't want is potential customers to think you are out of date. In most cases, updating a copyright is a simple change that takes only five minutes or less, and we often won't even bill you for updating your copyright! There really is no excuse to have an old date on your website!

Server Upgrade

We will be upgrading two of our Plesk Windows IIS servers to a newer platform over the next three months. The new servers will be from Site5 with the latest technologies and very fast speeds. This change will affect about 30 customers on our Windows platforms. We will be in touch with all customers that we are upgrading during this process to ensure they don't lose access to their website and emails during this process.

Gemstone and Jewelry Websites:

Do you know any gemstone and jewelry companies with an outdated website? We are developing a marketing plan to attract new customers within this niche, and have extensive background in this specialized area. We will offer 10% sales commission to any affiliate who refers us a contract job on a gemstone or jewelry website. Please visit www.gemwebsites.com for more information.


Featured Website:

Tucson 22nd Street Show


The Tucson 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show, presented by Eons Expos, is the fastest growing show in Tucson, and one of the largest of its kind. The show is located in a 60,000 square foot tent right outside downtown Tucson, Arizona, and more than 18,000 visitors are expected to attend the 2013 show this February.

The Tucson 22nd Street website is newly redesigned, using modern design standards with a classical Western theme. The layout for this site was a unique challenge due to specifications in font usage and lack of good pictures, but we are very proud of the outcome as it clearly transmits the theme of the website while still accommodating the specific requirements of this website.

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