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Welcome to the Radial Web newsletter!

We try not to bother you with these emails too often, but it's good business conduct to stay in contact every now and then. The same way we are utilizing email systems to send out this blast, you should as well to connect to your customers. We can assist you with the entire process.

Please make sure our address is updated in your system!

We moved last November down the block to our new office in the Robert Pitt Professional Center. Mail forwarding has been in place all year, but it just recently expired. We have up until now still been receiving forwarded mail to our old address, so make sure now to update the address in your system if you have not done so already!
Our current address is:
Radial Web
25 Robert Pitt Dr, Ste 206
Monsey, NY 10952

The Web is Changing - Make sure to stay up to date!

The web is changing at a wild pace.
If your site was designed over three years ago, it's already out of date!

Your website visitors will notice this and make important decisions about you based on how they see you represent yourself. Make sure to not fall behind and let your website get rusty. Contact us to discuss a strategy to ensure your website and company stays up to date.

Emerging Technologies

Blogs, mobile sites, web video, animated sliders, social media, ipads, tablets, etc…
These are Internet buzzwords we are all hearing. These things are all changing the face of the web. Stay up to date and don't fall behind! We can help you keep up to date and give you the most effective strategies for your organization.

  • Blog Websites: Blogs are a popular way of presenting content and getting information out in the world. We can configure most of the standard blog types such as WordPress and Blogspot, or we can configure a custom blog for you.
  • Mobile Websites: Many organization are joining the mobile-friendly world by developing websites specifically designed for smartphones. This is a new service we are now offering, so get on the bandwagon and have us create a fast-loading, efficient, and trendy mobile site for your organization.
  • Social Media Integration: Social Media has taken the Internet by storm. Whether you need integration into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media type, we can take care of this for you.
  • Web Animation & Sliders: We use Jquery and other technologies to make your site come alive with interactive animations. From smooth page transitions and sliders to complex interactive presentations, we can provide you with any animation needs.
  • Web Video: Of all the new tools on the web, web video is certainly the most important new standard. Its use is becoming increasingly apparent and integrated. From seamless integration of video into your website in a fast streaming format, to simple YouTube video posting and embedding, we can optimize your site and enhance it with effective web video.
  • Email Blasts: We can produce dynamic, automated email newsletters and blasts, as well as assist you with setting up an email list. We can design the templates for your email blasts as well as integrate the newsletter functionality within your website with administration controls and options that allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe on their own.
Please call us at 845.371.3603 or visit our website for more information!

We Are Updating Our Website!

If you haven't done so recently, please visit our website. We have updated lots of content with some new fresh material. Check out our services and portfolio pages! We'll also be updating the homepage animation within the next few days.

Our Billing Policy:
Just to clarify our policy in regards to minimum billing:

  • As a courtesy to all our long-standing as well as new website customers, any project that takes us 5 minutes or less will not be billed. We will provide this as a free service as long as it is 2 or less separate times per month.
  • We have a mininum monthly billing amount of $30. Even if the amount of hourly work you give us amounts to a lesser amount, the minimum bill per month will be $30.

Featured Website: Minerals.net


Minerals.net is a free informational and educational guide to rocks, minerals, gemstones, and jewelry. This site provides detailed information and photos of hundreds of minerals and gemstones. It is one of the most popular websites on this topic, averaging over 150,000 visitors per month, and it receives revenue in the form of ads throughout the website. This website was started by Heshy Friedman in 1997 and continues to grow.